Current Media Arts Scholars

Say hello to the class of 2016/17!

David Constable

David Constable is a recent grad from NSCADs Intermedia BFA program. He has previously been involved with CFAT through the Electronics Club and will now be joining on as one of our newest scholars!

During his time here David will be creating a short black and white film using both analogue and digital techniques.


Jeighk CoyoteJK

Jeighk is a scattered non-binary white queer currently living in Halifax. Their informal creative practice has varied in mediums and focus over the years. Recently, they have been interested in exploring mediums which challenge the prioritization of particular sensory orientations of the everyday life.

They are currently working on a visual and audio animation focused on themes around mental health, failing mental health resources and gendered emotional labour. The animation will be experienced in three separate forms in which all audience members may only choose one.

Tamar Dina

Tamar Dina is an interdisciplTamarinary artist and feminist organizer living and working in Halifax. She is founder and coordinator of the Music Liberatory. She has shown her work in various festivals such as Nuit Blanche and the StART fest.

During her time in the scholarship program Tamar will be working on narrative piece called Alim, Anid and the Forbidden Key. The piece will be a visual collage of shot footage, animation and recorded audio samples.


IMG_0119Todd Fraser

Todd Fraser is an emerging filmmaker from Atlantic Canada with screenings in multiple formats across the country. He recently participated in AFCOOP’s FILM5 program. He currently lives in Sackville, New Brunswick.

Todd will be working on his new project Dairy Vice, Dairy Vice. Dairy Vice, Dairy Vice is a Lipsett-inspired montage film. This collage presents a chance to memorialize martial arts icon Kevin Ferguson, learn new skills in recording/editing/mixing sound, and something to do with milk.



Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.23.30 AMRyan Josey

Ryan Josey is a young, queer Canadian artist from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He earned concurrent degrees in Art History (BA) and Fine Art (BFA) from NSCAD University in 2016. He has exhibited in Halifax, NS (Canada) and New York, NY (USA). Drawing on regional, LGBTQ and personal histories, his work makes poetic investigations into the role of violence in shaping contemporary beliefs and identities.  @ryryjo

My project with the CFAT Media Art Scholarship, Propopoesia, takes its name from a poetic device, meaning: to speak through the voice of an other. The project will document a performance, a poem and a car-scene from the perspective of road-kill. The final piece will take the form of a two-channel video installation (two corresponding videos) and an original soundtrack.

Ryan Josey, Pray, 2015. Photographer: Katherine Nakaska.


Kate WardSmall Tool for moving History Kate Ward

Kate Ward is an interdisciplinary artist whose interests include textiles, ceramics, jewellery, printmaking and intermedia. She is currently interested in exploring the metaphysical concepts of space and time in her studio practice. Kate is the recipient of numerous international scholarships and residencies and exchange programs her work has been selected for national and international exhibitions and awards. Her work is represented in national and international collections world wide.

A philosophical investigation into stone and its human-lithic relationship with the development of the human mind. Memory is strongly associated with the mind and also embedded within stone. I am interested in the notion of oblivion, where it is necessary to forget in order to remember. During my residency I intend is to recreate physical objects in a metaphysical space, which distorts our perceptions on their size, scale, weight etc. With no physical reference, the objects become weightless, distorted, and will float and dance projected within space. These objects will be captured in slow motion, and also sped up, which again distorts our perception of the meta/physical object.