We aim to create a safe space for people of any skill level to experiment with electronics, programming, and DIY technology  within the context of art making.

  • –  Creativity is emphasized over correctness
  • –  All are welcome regardless of knowledge
  • –  Have fun and learn risk free
  • –  Work with good quality equipment

Some ideas for things that you can use the e-lab for:

  • –  Electro Mechanics (motors)
  • –  Sound Manipulation
  • –  Timed events
  • –  Video Manipulation
  • –  Computer Programming
  • –  Soldering
  • –  PCB design
  • –  Repair and troubleshoot equipment (save money)
  • –  Interactive environments

Electronics Club

Join e-Lab coordinator Jesse Mitchell every Thursday at 6pm for for Electronics Club! Open to everyone and free of charge!



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