Member of the Month


Still from Mom and Her Music, 2016

September’s Member of the Month is Rajee Paña Jeji Shergill!

Rajee Paña Jeji Shergill is an interdisciplinary artist born in Winnipeg who currently lives in Cherry Hill, Nova Scotia. Through textiles, sound and video, Rajee explores memory, family and diaspora. Rajee’s video work and installations often combine home movie footage and sound recordings, which span over 30 years, as well as images of personal and familial iconography. Her art practice also emphasizes the importance of learning and revisiting familial stories and skills, through the creation of a family archive that investigates inter-generational inheritance and diasporic subjectivity.

We asked Rajee what she’s been up to lately:

Since May, I have been participating in AFCOOP’s summer residency program, Expanded Cinema Summer (ECS). Through the ECS workshops I have attended thus far, I have learned new ways to investigate moving image and novel installation methods. It is also the first time I have shot and processed Super 8 and 16 mm film. My experience with working with Super 8 and rephotographing the film with the optical printer has felt similar to the dyeing, weaving and sewing processes I have experienced. I want to explore further the relationship between film and textiles for my intended project, while continuing to explore ideas surrounding familial inheritance, memory and relocation.

What does Rajee love about CFAT?

One of my favourite parts about CFAT so far has been joining the programming committee. I enjoy meeting with my fellow committee members and working together to create programming that we believe is thought provoking. I appreciate CFAT’s continued efforts to support media artists and their social and artistic freedom. Since its founding in 1979 up until the present, CFAT provides the tools and facilities for media artists to make and exhibit art that reflects a multitude of ideas and concerns surrounding the politics of identity, race, and gender. CFAT also recognizes the common interests and struggles of many of its members. Through both the maintenance of its rich archive and its ongoing dedication to assisting media artists in new endeavours, CFAT certainly builds alliances that celebrate diversity and difference.

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