A message from the CFAT Board of Directors

Dear CFAT Community,

Several weeks ago, a group of active Centre for Art Tapes members were voted onto the board of directors to fill vacant seats and help in our ongoing effort to keep CFAT relevant to the communities it intends to serve. The new mix of fresh energy with the historical knowledge of key, long-serving members has given us momentum to tackle restructuring efforts announced to the membership via e-mail last April. Andrew Coll, Sam Decoste, Angela Glanzmann, James MacSwain, Annalise Prodor, Ann Verrall, and Clare Waque comprise our board. I am also one of these new board members, and I am writing to you from my new role in our organization as the Chair.

With the support and help from staff and members at large, our board has begun casting a critical (but loving!) eye toward relationships among our general membership, committees, staff on the ground, and organization’s governance. We know we have great members. We know we have great programs and programming. We have excellent, knowledgeable, creative, and friendly staff. We have a dedicated Board of Directors who are also active artists. And we have some really great equipment and facilities. But how can we put these elements together to help CFAT realize its incredible potential?

This is why I’m writing to you now. We need everyone’s input–current and former members, as well as the CFAT-curious–to start shaping this organization’s next chapter. How can we better support media artists? How can we better serve artists from historically-underrepresented communities? How can we provide a path toward becoming an artist for those who can’t afford a university degree? How can we improve our organizational accountability to our staff and to the membership as a whole?

In order to find answers to these questions together, we will hold a public meeting on December 12th at 6:30pm, and we encourage you to attend. But we don’t want to wait until then to hear from you! This link will take you to a very brief survey, where you can start sharing your ideas and feedback for CFAT. Any comments and questions you give on this survey will be incorporated into the face-to-face discussion at the meeting. The goal of our face-to-face meeting, ultimately, is to articulate a shared understanding of how CFAT can best focus itself as an organization in order to contribute meaningfully to the development of time-based media art practices and artists.

After all, if you’re an artist who uses electronics, moving images, audio, and pretty much anything time-based and digital to make your work–or if you want to be an artist who does these things–then you’re the reason we exist.

With gratitude and respect,

Becka Barker, Chair

CFAT Board of Directors

Meet Our New E-Lab Artist-in-Residence: Merle Harley!


We are so pleased to introduce our new E-Lab Artist-in-Residence Merle Harley!

During her residency, Harley will create work based on the parallels between codes, algorithms, and systems within electronics, and those used within knitting and weaving patterns. These codes act as a descriptive short form that can be translated to more complex multi-dimensional creations then translated back to code. Harley will create woven and knitted works based on electronic codes, and electronic works based on weaving and knitting codes exploring the similarities and differences between these systems of code, resulting in hybrid objects.

The E-Lab Residency runs until March. Keep an eye on our website for future studio hours and events!

Announcing our new Curator in Residence: Amanda Shore!


The Centre for Art Tapes is excited to announce Amanda Shore as our new Curator in Residence! Amanda will be beginning with us this month and working on putting together an exhibition until March 2017.

Amanda’s project showcases artists who create new—often indecipherable—communication methods in situations where coherent language proves to be insufficient. Through sound and video, artists experiment with babble, song, free-form poetry, and soundless closed-captioning to a point where language unravels into its basic units of measurement—sound and silence.

Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting project develops!

Physical Computing with Martin Marier


Physical Computing with Martin Marier

NOVEMBER 12th 10-6pm

$40.00 For C.F.A.T. Members – $60.00 For Non Members

Physical computing with Martin Marier will provide you with basic tools and knowledge to bridge the analog and digital worlds.

Martin's instrument "The Sponge"
Martin’s instrument “The Sponge”

In the first part (about one hour) of the workshop, Martin Marier will present his work on “The Sponge”, a digital musical instrument he designed and performs with. In the remaining four hours, participants will be invited to use an Arduino board to hook up sensors or actuators to their computers.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop computer and their Arduino board (if they own one). It is suggested that they install the Arduino IDE as well as Pure Data.



To register email tori@cfat.ca or call (902)422-6822. We will require payment before the workshop. You may pay online below or by coming into the Centre at 2238 Maitland St.

Price Options:

CFAT’s Top Picks for Nocturne!


Image by Pierre Tabbiner

Don’t miss these projects from CFAT members on your tour this Saturday!

Wild at Heart – Daniel O’Neill, Lukas Pearse and Susan Tooke at City Hall in Parade Square

Place Holder III – Becka Barker at the Anna Leonowens Gallery

Prism – Andrew Coll and Craig Lang at the Maritime Museum

Oversight – Tamar Dina, Cory Bowles, and Lukas Pearse at the Dalhousie School of Architecture

Barometer Falling – David Clark at the Halifax Central Library, 5th Floor

Eshapper – Jason Skinner at Propeller Brewery

Take Cover – Ryan Josey at the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal

Jackson 2Bears, Janet Rogers and Ronnie Dean Harris at Nocturne Art At Night


The Centre for Art Tapes is happy to be supporting an installation and performance by Jackson 2Bears, Janet Rogers and Ronnie Dean Harris at the upcoming Nocturne: Art at Night Festival!

For The Land: Nocturne will be a multimedia performance inspired by Sioux philosopher Vine Deloria jr.’s 1998 book that considers the incommensurability between western theology and indigenous spirituality. Performances will take place through out the night (7 – 8, 9 – 10, & 11-midnight) in the Law Courts Plaza at 1815 Upper Water St.

CFAT will also be sponsoring the Nocturne opening night party at Seven Bays Bouldering on Thursday, October 13th at 6pm. The opening night will include performances by Jackson 2Bears, Anna Sprague, DJ Fadwza and Conner Bell.

E-Lab: Call For Submissions


The Centre for Art Tapes is accepting submissions for our 2016-17 Electronic Artist in Residence. The CFAT Electronics Lab is a resource for artists learning and exploration of technology and experimental electronic media.  Be it hardware manipulation, hacking, electro-mechanics, coding, or electronic design/fabrication, we emphasize learning in conjunction with artistic and critical analysis.

The Centre For Art Tapes Electronics Lab is looking for an applicant to participate in a three-month electronic arts residency.  The selected proposal will incorporate an electronic element and make use of the facilities and supplies on offer at the E-Lab.  This residency is an opportunity for an artist to continue their ongoing work in electronics or to develop a project exploring/researching electronic media.

The selected participant will receive a $1,700 honorarium and a $300 fee for conducting an artist presentation or workshop.  They will have access to a 24 hour working space in the electronics lab from November 1st to the end of February (CFAT will be closed for 3 weeks in December), free use of some electronic stock provided by the lab, and weekly assistance from the electronics lab technician.

Submissions should include:

  • A description of your project (Maximum one page)
  • A project budget
  • A CV
  • Maximum 20 digital images in jpeg format and/or video/audio clips. All clips must be under 5 minutes and sent as a URL

Applications will only be accepted electronically. Please email all materials to tori@cfat.ca. The successful applicant will be informed the first week in November.

Submissions are due on: October 28th, 2016 by 5pm

For any questions about the program or application process, please contact Tori Fleming, Programming and Communications Coordinator at (902) 422-6822 or email tori@cfat.ca.