Local Artist in Residence (LAIR)

Twice a year, CFAT’s Local Artist-In-Residence Program provides an opportunity to a local media artist to develop a new work involving audio, video, or new media. In exchange, the LAIR is expected to present their work, teach workshops, and meet with the local community. The successful applicant will receive over $1000 of in-kind support in the form of Production and Editing memberships, access to facilities and equipment, a $1700 artist fee, a $300 speaker fee for conducting a talk or workshop for the community about their project, and access to technical assistance during the residency. Previous Local Artist-In-Residence include: Lisa Lipton, Krista Davis, Will Robinson, Khanhthuan Tran, Melanie Colosimo, Eryn Foster, Sym Corrigan and Léola Leblanc.

Local residencies take place at the Centre for Art Tapes, 2238 Maitland Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The successful applicant, who is selected through a peer review process, will have access to CFAT equipment and facilities for a period of up to six months.

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