In-Kind Support

Download the form here:

IN–KIND SUPPORT APPLICATION. (Please download the application form and use Adobe Acrobat to fill it out.)


The Centre for Art Tapes is deeply committed to supporting other non-profit organizations, community events, and member projects that contribute to the advancement of media arts. CFAT supports artists working with media technology by ensuring public access to professional equipment, facilities, educational resources and mentorship. On occasion, financial help is also provided through in-kind assistance by offsetting the cost of access to equipment and facilities.


 The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the in-kind application process and to assure that the applicant selection and approval process is fair to both CFAT and those who apply for in kind assistance.


CFAT supports member projects and community events that demonstrate exceptional community, artistic and/or cross-disciplinary benefits, and impacts and aligns with CFAT’s strategic goals.


  • –  CFAT members
  • –  Registered non-profit groups
  • –  Incorporated associations
  • –  Community groups and events
  • –  Projects funded or sponsored by another organization or arts funder
  • –  Un-incorporated groups able to provide a 50% deposit to be held on account until return of equipment or completion of project in CFAT facilities


  • –  For-Profit / commercial groups
  • –  Non-members
  • –  Members not in good standing
  • –  Applicants who have previously abused CFAT in-kind support
  • –  Un-incorporated groups unable to provide a 50% deposit to be held on account until return of equipment or completion of project in CFAT facilities


If approved, CFAT will provide grants of in-kind support of 25% up to 75% of the value of the equipment and/or facility rental rates. In very rare exceptions, CFAT may consider full waiver of the equipment and/or rental fees.


Individuals and organizations seeking in-kind support must apply in writing using the IN–KIND SUPPORT APPLICATION. (Please download the application form and use Adobe Acrobat to fill it out.) The application should be received a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the date assistance is required. Once the application is received it will be carefully reviewed. In determining whether the application will be approved and the level of support provided we consider the following:

  • –  How well the application aligns with CFAT priorities
  • –  Equipment availability
  • –  The level of need for the in-kind support
  • –  Whether the applicant is receiving other support and how much
  • –  The ability of the applicant to carry out their project
  • –  The financial viability of the application
  • –  The level of support or contribution the applicant has requested from CFAT

Once the application is received, all appropriate staff will be notified and equipment and facilities will be reserved pending the outcome of the application. This is no guarantee that equipment/facilities will be available. Applicants will be notified once a decision is made. If approved, the applicant should consult with the CFAT Technical Coordinator to verify equipment and/or facility booking (including pickup and return times).

CFAT is open for equipment and facility rentals from Tuesday to Friday, from 9:30AM until 5PM, with the exception of Thursdays when we are open until 6PM.


The recipient of in-kind assistance must acknowledge CFAT’s support. This will be outlined in a letter of understanding. Acknowledgment may include one or more of the following: CFAT listed in supporters section in programs or on websites, newsletters, posters, etc., spoken acknowledgment at events, and mentioned in applications and/or final reports to other supporters or funders. The CFAT logo can be downloaded from


By signing the In-Kind Application, support recipients exempt CFAT from any liability regarding the working order and reliability of equipment or facilities. The waiver will also hold the recipient financially responsible for any and all damages or losses to equipment and facilities.