Current Artist in Residence

Current Artist in Residence

We are so excited to introduce you all to our 2018/19 Cyber Social Artist in Residence, Israel Ekanem!

Israel Ekanem is a storyteller. He was introduced to the art of storytelling by his grandmother, Lydia and he fell in love with it. Storytelling has been his passion for years. The stories he initially shared would be spoken or written but he always felt the camera would give the stories more life. He received a camcorder as a birthday gift and he has been shooting and sharing stories ever since.

His films include the award-winning films We Watched The Clouds Form Shapes, Drown The Lovers, Dearg and Tale of the Man Who Whispered To Flowers. He believes that a story, properly told can change the world, one person at a time. He hopes to keep telling stories for as long as he lives.

From November until March 2019, Israel will be working on his project MyBlackOutPoems. Black Out poems are poems created by blacking out sections from other written works. Israel will be leading workshops at CFAT, sharing information about blackout poems and how to create them. This project will also research the impact of social media on arts, artists and the artistic community both locally in HRM but also globally.

Follow @myblackoutpoems @IsraelIEkanem and @centreforarttapes to find out more!

CFAT is so excited to announce that we’ve selected our new Curator-in-Residence! The residency will be supporting Lucy Pauker and Alessia Oliva as they research their curatorial project Poems for Impending Doom.

Poems for Impending Doom will feature Arielle Twist, Camila Salcedo, Camille Rojas, and Madeleine Scott. With this project they are interested in imagining a future where collaboration and poetics are vital. Poems for Impending Doom brings together four artists who have never previously collaborated and asks them to create art in pairs, while exploring and documenting collaborative and communicative processes. Poems for Impending Doom will ask these artists to think and respond to what a complete deconstruction of conventional understandings of art, institutions, borders and bodies could look like. How can we come together to re-imagine a collective future?

About Lucy and Alessia


Lucy Pauker

Lucy is an artist and curator based in Halifax and Toronto. They are a recent graduate of NSCAD’s   Intermedia program and currently live in Bridgetown, NS. Lucy frequently curates collaboratively, and believes in the curator’s responsibility and accountability to ensure that the work they facilitate is accessible to everyone who would like to engage with it.





Alessia Oliva

Alessia is a writer, curator and photo-based artist living and working in Toronto. She is interested in curatorial work that is conceptual, experimental, and community-focused. Alessia works to facilitate art events and poetry readings- mainly in non-commercial spaces- that invite sharing. She is interested in methods of increasing community access to art knowledge and information beyond institutional constraints. She is completing her BFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practice at OCAD University.

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